Conversations With God

by Lisa Lysen

Long before I’d ever read about the loving power of “The Universe”, heard of Quantum Physics, learned how through meditation one can connect with an Inner Being or Higher Power; Long before I knew the difference between new age or old age or ice age, I had discovered that if I was in desperate need of love and guidance, consolation or wisdom, I could call out with my innermost thoughts and I would receive an answer.

I was a very little girl when I discovered this and since my parents had taught me to say my prayers and told me we are never alone; that God and Angels are always with us, watching and waiting to help, I came to know this experience as prayer.

And I came to believe my prayers were being heard and answered by God.

I say this because I want you to know I don’t challenge other beliefs or ideas on this subject. I only want to explain where mine come from.

I’m 60.

50+ years ago and up until relatively recently my claim that my prayers are always answered I felt was viewed as naive, preachy, sometimes foolish, insecure, often, I’m sure as “crazy” and I think maybe occasionally as being quite full of myself.

And so I learned quickly not to talk too much about it.

When people would comment that I always made good choices, I often felt guilty not owning up to why. But experience had taught me that I’d most likely be dismissed or laughed at or that any number of other uncomfortable situations might arise if I tried to explain, or, really  “give credit where credit was due”.

And my happiness and everything about the security of my world has always depended on my prayers and my knowledge that my prayers are answered.

And so the subject has just been too close to my heart to risk opening up to ridicule.

This is where I have to make a very important point.

And I have to make it because I’m sure my inexperience and shy awkwardness about talking about my answered prayers has often sounded as if I’ve been saying I always get what I ask for or that God always gives me what I want.

That is completely NOT what I mean!

It’s 100% NOT what I’m saying and it would most likely have made a total disaster of my entire life if it were even remotely true.

I’m talking about when I’ve had a problem or needed help in any way, when I’ve been sad, when I haven’t known who to talk to or where to turn, talking to God about it has always provided me with the perfect and the best solution.

And whether or not I follow the advice I’m given has always been up to me, too and that’s also very important to say.

I’ve learned that if I pray /think “God!!! “This” is happening! Help me! What do I do?” the first thought, and I mean, the very first thought, the first instinct I have as soon as my question is out there is ALWAYS the best thing to do.

And I know this because far too often I haven’t done it.

When I haven’t done it, there’s been no repercussion from an angry God. There’s no lightning bolts or dire punishment. Sometimes things fall into place and sometimes they don’t.

But without fail, at some point I’ve always realized that if I had only done what that first instinct or thought was everything just would have been so much better so much sooner.

And as I’m writing this I’m realizing I still can’t find the right words to explain what I mean; to properly describe this beautiful phenomena. It’s not tricky or difficult by any means and I don’t understand why I’m having such a hard time expressing myself.

Maybe through journaling my conversations with God I will make more sense.

I should add, too that I pray lots. Much of my thinking is prayer, actually. I thoroughly enjoy my conversations with God.

And now I’m rambling a bit but I’ve learned from this that God (or The Universe or Higher Power, Inner Being or Source or whatever name you call this rose), along with tremendous wisdom, also has a pretty cute sense of humour.

Quite often when I’m sure the sky is falling and I’m ranting in my head about it, my “first thought” is something ridiculously cute or funny and I just stop taking myself so seriously.

And, really that in itself is such good advice and often the only “solution” I actually needed!

I’m also very sure praying as often as I do isn’t necessary. I know there are amazingly great thinkers out there who use their thoughts for so many more useful things than I do! And I think I’d be very scared if I didn’t believe this.

So I’m not saying do it my way – Pray all the time. Not at all!

I think I’m saying that in the quiet recesses of our minds, if we can learn to trust it, there is guidance and there are answers.

This isn’t a new revelation, I know.

And I’m sure you can call this intuition, give it any number of different names and explanations, or think of it as my parents taught me, simply that we are never alone because God and Angels are always watching over and helping us.

I’ve been told I should learn to believe in myself and not think something so other-worldly is at play and I do think there is a lot of merit in that, too.

 Confidence and self-love are extremely important.

And being encouraged towards those things are empowering in ways that are life changing! 

But I really do very much enjoy my conversations with God and since I’m a stickler for being stuck in my ways and this really works for me, it’s just the way I do things.

What I’ve also come to understand is that whatever your own beliefs are, your own beliefs are incredibly important. Your fundamental belief is your fundamental belief and it’s that for a reason!

It’s our fundamental beliefs that make us individuals.

And the fact we have so many different beliefs is all part of our charm as humans.

Having said that, I hope if you continue to read my stories I won’t offend or be dismissed for calling what I do praying and for saying God answers my prayers.

I do know is that what I experience is very real and that it happens all the time for me and believe me, I’m no one special, so if it happens for me it’s available to us all.

And I think maybe that’s the biggest part of what I’m saying here that really matters.

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